Why use Sketch 3?

If you’re a member of the web community, you will have heard of SKETCH and how it has toppled Adobe from the top spot as the go software for designers. But what’s all the fuss about?

For a long time I used photoshop to create responsive web visuals for clients but the switch to SKETCH has helped me build conceptual designs through to development ready visuals, quickly and easily. My workflow is made easy with features such as infinite canvas, reusable elements and text styles all wrapped a very simple interface.


A recent web design project that I would have ordinarily have done in Photoshop would have meant that staying organised in amongst all the document revisions and pages would have been challenging and a time consuming task. However, Sketch’s tools enabled me to work through the project from start to finish smoothly, easily and quickly than I could have done using another program such as Photoshop or Fireworks.

What sets SKETCH apart from other vector design programs is that it’s also pixel aware . The shapes you draw always snap to the nearest pixel meaning you no longer have to worry about half pixels or blurry lines. See everything in the fullest detail or turn on Pixel View to inspect the resulting pixels. It’s the best of both worlds that makes this program ideal for web and UI design.

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