Hilton Worldwide F&B Website / App Design

CLIENT: Hilton Worldwide (EMEA)
OBJECTIVE: To create an online resource for EMEA team members for all things food and beverage.
DELIVERABLES: Website and mobile iOS / Android APP.
RATIONALE: Working alongside the boundaries of the Hilton Worldwide brand guidelines, I was able to create a user interface that is engaging for the user, clearly signposting resources and keeping content the top priority when viewing the site.
INVOLVEMENT: As lead designer I was responsible for client collaboration, team briefings, digital creative direction, UX design, testing and delivery to the client.

Screenshot 2016-03-28 22.12.05

Screenshot 2016-04-21 09.00.28Screenshot 2016-04-21 09.00.36Screenshot 2016-04-21 09.01.06Screenshot 2016-04-21 09.02.28 Screenshot 2016-04-21 09.02.00 Screenshot 2016-04-21 09.01.42

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