Harbour Arm Website Design

CLIENT: Folkestone Harbour Arm
WEBSITE: folkestoneharbourarm.co.uk
OBJECTIVE: Create a website for the newly opened Folkestone Harbour Arm.
DELIVERABLES: A new responsive website and photography.
RATIONALE: I wanted to do something different with this site by incorporating the angular features within the logo, this modern angular theme continues throughout the site. The site includes a weather feed with bespoke icons and a clever raindrop effect across the site if it’s bad weather. The site has a bespoke calendar designed to t with the Harbour Arm identity and a history section that changes the site background to monochrome, to differentiate it from the main sections featuring current and constantly updated content.
INVOLVEMENT: Art direction, web design, client and team management and photography.

IPad_3  iphone_5-visual


HA_Bootstrap_Fixed-CALENDAR HA_Bootstrap_Fixed-MODAL


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