Car Giant Photography

CLIENT: Car Giant London
OBJECTIVE: Create new imagery for use in all Car Giant advertising across London
SOLUTION: Shot over two days, I organised the shoot of 35 cars onsite at one of the CarGiant warehouses.
DELIVERABLES: Photography and post production



2015-04-26 08.04.18 thumb_IMG_3131_10242015-04-26 08.57.45  IMG_0029 Car-Giant-047_RT_AW Car-Giant-053_RT_AW Car-Giant-066_RT_AW Car-Giant-074_RT_AW Car-Giant-078_RT_AW Car-Giant-092_RT_AW Car-Giant-112_RT_AW Car-Giant-119_RT_AW Car-Giant-123_RT_AW Car-Giant-126_RT_AW Car-Giant-139_RT_AW Car-Giant-141_RT_AW Car-Giant-148_RT_AW Car-Giant-154_RT_AW Car-Giant-170_RT_AW Car-Giant-174_RT_AW Car-Giant-176_RT_AW Car-Giant-180_RT_AW Car-Giant-185_RT_AW



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